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United Kingdom immigration law is an enormous, complex and fast changing area, and our experts are dedicated to keeping abreast of immigration law. We work diligently to reduce the problems faced by our clients associated with this process.


We offer a wide range of legal advice, assistance and representation to our clients, at all levels, including appeals to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (AIT), High Court, Court of Appeal, and House of Lords.

• Personal immigration

• Business immigration

• Points based system

• EU residence permits/documents

• Long residence

• Refugee and Asylum

• Refugees and family reunion

• Naturalisation and citizenship

We provide legal advice and representation in all aspects of immigration law, including:

We are dedicated to ensuring that high standards of client care are maintained and we always welcome your comments and feedback.


In the unlikely event however that you are dissatisfied with our level of service, please feel free to contact the principal of the firm, Hari Singh, on 020 3264 2130 at any time to discuss your concerns.

Client care

Our immigration experts are dedicated to keeping abreast of immigration law.

Immigration services, from HS Law

We specialise in immigration and believe that we are able to provide the best service possible for our clients in terms of our expertise.

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